Dreamwork Coaching Session (1HR)

Our mission is to show you how your dreams can impact your life and act as your internal therapist. You will learn to lucid dreams on a consistent basis, how to analyze your dreams, how to incubate different types of dreams, and so much more. This is 1 on 1 help with lucid dreaming and…


Personalized Lucid Dream Coaching

During your 1-on-1 Lucid Dreaming Coaching session, our coaches will help you explore the potential of your dreaming mind and assist you in reaching your dream-related goals. We will help you make your practice more effective, and build your dream recall by finding out more about your specific lifestyle. The advice is tailored just for you! We have coaches with different areas of expertise within dreamwork, and we will help you select the one that can help you most with your goals!

The session begins with a comprehensive discussion about your current dreaming practices, experiences, and aspirations. We take the time to understand your unique goals and desires within the realm of lucid dreaming, whether it’s enhancing self-awareness, improving dream recall, conquering nightmares, or engaging in creative problem-solving within your dreams. Drawing upon their extensive knowledge and experience, we will match you with a coach who will provide you with personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs. By identifying potential obstacles and misconceptions, our coaches will help you overcome challenges and offer practical strategies to strengthen your lucid dreaming practice.

If you need extra motivation, we will empower you with the knowledge to make the most of your dream experiences and tap into the limitless possibilities of your own mind. We will provide you with valuable resources, recommended readings, and ongoing support to continue your lucid dreaming journey beyond the coaching session. We are dedicated to your growth and will be available for follow-up questions or to address any challenges you may encounter along the way. Learn to lucid dream the right way!

Our coaches

Amina- Lucid Dreaming

Amina is known for her deep passion and expertise in the realm of dreams and consciousness. As the founder of The Dream World Podcast, Amina wants to create a vibrant community of dream enthusiasts and explorers. Amina has been lucid dreaming since childhood, which led her to embark on a lifelong journey of understanding the power of dreamwork as a whole.

Martin- Dreamwork & Spirituality

Martin is a dream coach from Zimbabwe. He has trained in workshops hosted in Buddhist temples where he learned lucid dreaming, Yoga Nidra, meditation & mindfulness with a teacher from the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. He has learned from witchdoctors about dreamwork, premonitions, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and ancestral dreaming. Martin is a veteran oneironaut and has recalled thousands of dreams filling over ten dream journals. He is also an artist, musician and poet that uses lucid dreaming to enhance his creativity. He has also a number of past life memories from his early childhood and now uses lucid dreaming to explore past life regression.

Ashaba- Meditation & Astral Projection

Ashaba Faridah grew up in a humble background in the outskirts of Kampala city, Uganda, she went on to defy the odds and become one of the few women pilots in her country. She had a near-death experience in 2016 that completley shifted her view on life and death. She is also a spiritual coach who is experienced in guiding people through out-of-body-experiences.

Ryan- Lucid Dreaming & Dream Control

Ryan Noblett is a blind young adult with a passion for lucid dreaming. Ever since beginning his lucid dreaming practice in October of 2020, Ryan has sought not only to learn to lucid dream, but to help and teach others. Over the past few years under the name of Skyfall Blind Dreamer, Ryan has helped teach people how to lucid dream on Discord, YouTube, and Reddit, volunteering his time to help others learn. At the time of writing on September 12, 2023, Ryan has successfully induced 988 lucid dreams and has helped many people achieve lucidity themselves.

Ryan’s takes an empirical, scientific approach to how he teaches lucid dreaming. His preferred strategy is to first understand where a prospective student is in their practice, what they already know or believe that they know, what they have done up to that point, and specific steps they have taken. Once Ryan has an understanding for where a prospective student is, he seeks to help them by discussing ways they could improve their practice or approaches that they could take, always willing to answer questions to insure that a student understands the concepts that are being taught. His goal is to clearly communicate concepts and techniques for lucid dreaming and dream control, and give a student the basis around which to develop a consistent practice. Ryan takes a skill centric approach to lucid dreaming, recognizing that the practice of lucid dreaming and its various techniques are skills that one trains with and develops over time. He encourages research and the understanding that the effectiveness of a given technique may vary from person to person, encouraging thoughtful examination of techniques prior to deciding on a path to follow as well as patience and perseverance.


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