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Rating: 5 out of 5.

 The Dream World is by far one of my favorite content creators around the subject of lucid dreaming. I love your attitude and how you approach the subject. All of your content is so helpful, conversational and easy to understand! 

— Nihtule (Reddit Influencer)

Im so grateful for this community. I love reading everyone’s adventures and how you explore consciousness. You all inspire me. I started listening to the meditations in the course, and my dreams are back to being clear after a period of not having dreams at all.

-Tyler (Student)

I started the online course and I had a really productive LD last night! I am working on a new project outside of my specialty at work, and I have to create operative manual. So last night I dreamt that one of my co-workers was giving me markers and paper, and I became lucid. Then in my dream, I drew a simple scetch that describe the different aspects of the manual. I woke up, drew it and now I have the baseline of the manual.

-Yam (student)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This podcast is so educational! I am super picky when it comes to podcasts, but I am hooked. I have always been interested in what dreams tell us, and it touches on topics that I had a hard time finding elsewhere. I decided to start training myself, and I just had a lucid dream! It was AMAZING- Thank you!

— Fernando (Listener)

I started having lucid dreams after watching these videos! I am so happy that I finally did it after trying for months. For all the people who think they cant lucid dream, YOU CAN! I never gave up, and I got alot of help from the Dream World University.

-Weitze (student)

Amina, I just discovered your podcast and Tik Tok. It is absolutely incredible. I am learning so much and feel so connected. It brings me so much happiness and comfort and joy. I lucid dream a lot and I’ve just started getting to understand the meaning of it. It’s absolutely incredible. I had a really really impactful dream the other night and it changed my outlook on my life and habits completely. It was insane.
I just want to say thank you.

-Gen (listener)

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