Want to learn how to direct your dreams to give you answers? Join our Facebook Live Workshop!



Want to learn how to direct your dreams to give you answers?

In March we are hosting weekly live session on how to incubate a dream, different topics each month! It is only $20 to enter, and you win $100 if you dream up the winning keyword! You do not have to be a good lucid dreamer to win. You do not even need to be lucid at all, or remember vivid dreams! Anyone can learn dream incubation. We will guide you through the process and help you incubate a dream where you are either lucid and find the answer, or a non-lucid dream where the answer appears literally or metaphorically. Dream incubation is a process that has been used for centuries to work through life’s challenges. We know that it is possible.   

Success in this challenge contributes to consciousness research regarding accessing and learning new information in our dream space. You can use these dream skills to seek resolution for real waking life situations, heal trauma, practice skills, meeting with loved ones and more. Learning to incubate and analyze dreams is a lifelong valuable skill. See you in the dream world!

Mark your calendar for our first online LIVE workshop!!! We will be talking about the basics of dream incubation & the structure of this challenge 🙂 The replay will be available
Where: Facebook Group will be emailed after you register


Join the oneironauts of the world in exploring the depths of the dream realm

The Angelic Dream Stream Challenge is hosted by Dreamosophy & The Dream World Podcast


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Yam Student

I had a really productive lucid dream last night! I am working on a new project outside of my specialty, and I have to create an operative manual for the future of the project. Last night I dreamt that my co-worker gave me markers and paper, & I drew a simple sketch with the different aspects of the manual. I woke up, drew it out & now I have the baseline of the manual!

Wietze Student

OMG. I'm so happy that I finally had a lucid dream after months of trying! For anyone who thinks they can't lucid dream, YOU CAN, it is just a mater of when you will have your first. I never gave up, I believed in myself and got a lot of help from The Dream World. You helped me so much! Thank you!

@nihtule Reddit Influencer

By far one of my favorite content creators around the subject of lucid dreaming. I love your attitude and how you approach the subject. All of your content is so helpful, conversational and easy to understand! I myself have been studying this field on and off for over 10 years now and I am still amazed by dreams and consciousness.

Sarah Online Student

Watched some of the course videos & decided to start trying to take this seriously. Earlier today I had my first lucid dream and it was AMAZING! Thank you!

Jaime Online Student

I have been doing some of the sleep meditations in the course for about a week now. My dreams are back to being clear after a period of not having dreams at all! I even started having more lucid dreams than usual. Thank you!

David L Podcast Listener

I found your podcast on a podcast player and it touched on topics that I had a hard time finding elsewhere, such as actual experiences and some unique techniques for interacting with dreams. I agree that more people should value their dreams. I think that it is a huge loss for society that we do not pay any attention to them and their ability to enrich our lives.