Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start Lucid dreaming?

You’re on the right track just by being here. Start researching, trying methods, and reading about it as much as possible. Incubate the idea in your mind, and you will become lucid soon. Be patient, its a journey. Lucid dreaming has so many real-world applications provide great benefits, such as reducing anxiety, boosting creativity, spiritual healing, sensory manifestation, or simply working on the solution to a particular problem in life. Lucid dreaming has also been used to help treat recurring nightmares, PTSD, and depression. Manifesting in another dimension has incredible power of manifesting into our 3d reality as well. Check us out on clubhouse, especially if you’re a beginner, to hear peoples experiences, and learn about what people are doing in their dream space. 

I keep trying with no luck, What gives?

Eliminate the word “problem”. Words have power and if you believe you cannot have a lucid dream that will affect the experience you have. IF you tell yourself “I can’t get lucid, I suck at this, I can never fly in a dream” That is what you will see. Emotional regulation matters, and your mindset matters, when trying to summon or create something in a dream, any doubt or belief that you will fail can and will manifest. “Whimpy requests get whimpy results” . If you have not gotten lucid in a while, remember that even droughts have something to teach us & it is all a part of your journey. Even the most experience lucid dreamers have periods of inactivity. Spend some time working on your non lucid dreams and remember that those matter too!

Do not give up on your dream work and you will soon get lucid again! Do not overthink, compare yourself to others or stress yourself out. Let go of fear, and have fun with your dreamwork practice, embracing anything it has to show you. Lucid dreaming is encoded in all of us naturally, and that should be what you tell yourself. Your subconscious is always listening. Be patient & be careful not to beat yourself up for missing obvious signs, or not acting this way or that way in the dream—that’s key. It’s not about blame, but about noticing our patterns, and knowing there will be another opportunity to make a different choice the next time we lay down to sleep. Dreamwork is a consistent game played over time, with results coming from consistency and trial and error. 

I see a lot of techniques to become lucid online, what is best?

There are many techniques to get lucid you will find online, and it may take some trial and error to find out which ones are best for you & your personal dreamwork practice. There is no right or wrong or best or worst because lucid dreaming is a personal journey depending on your goals and mind. Everyone’s brain works differently, BUT, there are two things that every lucid dreamer should be doing, and that is dream journaling and effective reality checks. Emphasis on the effective

Im scared of sleep paralysis or nightmares.

I’ve found that most bad dreams, and especially bad lucid dreams, have more to do with how we are responding to what presents itself rather than the actual dream content. Let go of fear, find your positive affirmations, embrace it with love & change the script to a fun lucid dream. YOU ARE IN CONTROL! Nothing will hurt you in a dream! EVER!

What is Lucid Living?

Lucid living is about incorporating your lucid dream lessons into your daily life. Learn to be more mindful and intentional in everything you do to harness your full potential!

How can I interpret the meaning of a dream I had?

Instead of looking up cliche dream meanings and asking strangers on the internet, really analyze what each element of your dream means to you. Different things mean something else to everyone, since we all have our own experiences and definitions of objects. In order to analyze a dream, ask yourself what are the emotions you were feeling in the dream, which will help to properly interpret and understand your dreaming mind. Your emotions are key to understanding what the dreams means to you. Common definitions can help guide you to figure it out, but ultimately you and your higher self are the only ones who know what your dreams mean. 

Why are my lucid dreams short & I always wake myself up?

Just like a pilot has a flight plan, it is important to define your goals for becoming lucid. It is so frustrating to finally become lucid and you get too excited that you either wake yourself up, or have no idea what you want to do, or what you can do. Why do you want to become lucid? Do you want to manifest something amazing into your life and have more realistic visualizations and experiences with it? Do you want to talk to spirit guides or loved ones who have passed? Maybe you just want to have fun and skip the mental work. Whatever it is, have a game plan and know how to stabilize the dream. COMING SOON: How to get lucid & stay lucid: stabilizing the dream