Teachers, Practitioners & Guests

Check out this list of our favorite Dream influencers & researchers in the field that we collaborate with

Amina Mara


Amina combines Psychology, Art & Neuroscience as the basis of her dreamwork journey.  She received a master's degree in creative dreaming. She also studied psychology & neuroscience at Emory University where she conducted research on child development & mental health. She was particularly fascinated by the science of dreams and the benefits of conscious sleep. She founded The Dream World Podcast to help spread the word about the powers of lucid dreaming and paying attention to your dreams.

Ashaba Faridah

Astral Projection. NDE's & Meditation

Private Pilot  | TEDx Speaker | Founder of Bambino Life Foundation | Story Teller | Philanthropist | Mentor from Kampala, Uganda After a near-death-experience & spiritual awakening, Ashaba Faridah has guided people through meditations that help them achieve astral projection and Out Of Body Experiences. She is also a motivational speaker, and spiritual healer. Her podcast and Youtube channel, Mysteries of The World covers all things spirituality & has over 3,000 downloads 

Martin Stewart

Lucid Dream & Past Lives

Martin is from Zimbabwe, and has trained in workshops hosted in Buddhist temples where he learned lucid dreaming, Yoga Nidra, meditation & mindfulness with a teacher from the Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Before this he learned from witchdoctors about dreamwork, premonitions, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) and and ancestral dreaming. Martin is a veteran oneironaut and has recalled thousands of dreams filling over ten dream journals. He is also an artist, musician and poet that uses lucid dreaming to enhance his creativity. He has also a number of past life memories from his early childhood and now uses lucid dreaming to explore past life regression.

Lana Sakwild

Coach & Lucid Entrepreneur

Lana's profession as a lucid dream coach & work as a scientific researcher blossomed from a thirst for exploration, knowledge, & adventure. As an inquisitive child, she first ventured into the world of lucid dreaming by playing with my nightmares, morphing the characters into cartoons & experimenting with the laws of physics.  After 20+ years of experimentation with lucid dreaming & graduating with a MSc in consciousness, spirituality, and transpersonal psychology, Lana is now a successful transpersonal lucid dreaming and lucid living coach. She has dedicated her life to helping lucid dreamers redefine and reconnect to their purpose and awaken their unlimited career potential through her Lucid Entrepreneur Lab. 

Jack Delamater


Products for Dreamwork and Lucid Dream Enhancement Natural Herbal Products for Dream Lucidity Entirely Legal, Non-controlled, Safe Herbs This is the ultimate dream herb experience. Perfect as a gift for somebody who loves swimming in the mystical, and also perfect for adding to your herbal collection. This dream pack is entirely organic and contains the following: -Calea Zacatechichi (10 Grams) Latin Name: Calea Ternifolia -Blue Lotus Flower (10 Grams) Latin Name: Nymphaea Caerulea -Mugwort (28 Grams) Latin Name: Artemisia Vulgaris -African Dream Root (7 Grams) Latin Name: Silene Capensis -African Dream Bean (2 Beans) Latin Name: Entada Rheedii

Paul Sheldon


Paul Sheldon’s 2017 book, Wisdom of Dreaming: A Guide to an Effective Dream Life is the basis for training programs in prisons, jails, and other institutions throughout the United States. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in human development. For his master’s thesis, “Dreams for the Future” Paul studied creative dreamers, whose visions and dreams led them to create new organizations and institutions. He has led workshops in lucid dreaming and what he calls “dreamosophy” throughout the United States and is also a national authority on the greening of America’s prisons and jails. Paul Sheldon created Dreamosophy as a subliminal gateway that gives leaders, creatives, healers and the curious the edge they need to discover, utilize, and fulfill their greatest untapped potential. How would your life change if you had unlimited access to innovation, intuition, creativity, restoration, and joy?

Jared Ray Gilmore

Cognitive Function/Depth Coach

Hi, I’m Jared Ray! Through my 20’s I worked in the music industry with artists such as Art Garfunkle, The Beach Boys, Animal Collective, The Dirty Projectors, Papa Roach, Coolio, Vanilla Ice and many more. I began studying Carl G. Jung’s analytical psychology, taking courses from renowned Jungian psychologists such as Machiel Klerk, Robert Bosnak, and Kenneth James. I found purpose and direction by seeking out connection with the deepest part of myself, as Jung called “The Self”.

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The Dream World University

The first step to Lucid dreaming is developing your own personal dreamwork practice. Learn the art of harnessing consciousness and “waking up” inside of your dreams! As a dreamworker & healer, we will help you break down your lucidity goals, and center your waking life and sleep life around mindfulness & lucidity. 

In this personalized course, we provide daily guidance on how to get lucid in your dreams, and use them for your personal, career, mental or spiritual goals. You will learn from an amazing group of researchers and experts in the fields of lucid dreaming, psychology, meditation & astral projection, and have lifetime access to an amazing community. 

Personalized Dreamwork Coaching & 1-on-1 lucid dream guidance


Dreamwork Skills
Lucid dreams are powerful, but your non-lucid dreams are just as important. In the Dream World University you will learn how to analyze your dreams properly, rather than relying on standard online dream dictionaries. You will be guided to truly understand your subconscious mind with more clarity. You will learn how to personalize your dreamwork practices to fit your goals and needs, as well as find what techniques work for you. 

What is Consciousness Therapy?
Lucid dreaming is not the only way to access information & growth through altered levels of consciousness. Practices such as astral projection, meditation & other out-of-body experiences have been reported for centuries in helping people understand themselves & the universe we live in. In this course we will guide you through different forms of altering your state of consciousness and accessing all the natural abilities of your mind. Through guided meditations, dream interpretations & personalized therapy sessions you will explore the boundaries of your own mind. We collectively call the art of exploring & healing the conscious & subconscious mind; consciousness therapy. 

Likeminded community support
You’re not alone. We are building a community of people who care about dreams, consciousness and healing together. What better way to incubate powerful dreams than to surround yourself with people who hold you accountable in the dream world and in real life!

Experienced teachers & personalized coaching
Our team of veteran oneironauts have been exploring their consciousness for decades, even centuries. We have teamed up to offer you the most value and accountability. We have course modules not just about lucid dreaming, but also dream interpretation, different schools of thought, meditation, OBEs, and exploring consciousness in your own way.  You will also learn skills & coping methods that you can apply to your entire life.