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The Dream World Podcast is an interactive podcast where we talk to dreamers, or oneironauts, about their tips, stories and out-of-body-experiences. We teach how to use sleep & dreams to better your mental, physical and spiritual health. We cover a variety of tips and topics on how to take care of the mind and body both in waking life and in the dream world. Our topics cover everything from understanding your dreams, scientific and spiritual explanations behind sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, false awakenings & more. We explore the universe & all its mysteries.

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Clubhouse is a FREE audio chat APP for iOS & Android. Send us a DM or Email if you need an invite link. Once you’re signed up, find the Lucid Dreamers  & The Dream World Clubhouse Group for great lucid dreaming & mind blowing content! Also be sure to follow our Hosts, Amina Mara & Ashaba Faridah to be pinged into any rooms!

 I am now a DREAMbassador for my newest podcast sponsor, Dreamosophy. who I’ll be working with on their platform to teach, heal and interact with dreamers! This is an awesome community and ill add details in the show notes. I’ve been super active on their app and answering questions to help people learn to transform their relationships with their dreams.

If you want to support me and my podcast, please register for your first week- it’s free! To Join our Dreamosophy community. Deamosophy teaches you to explore and utilize your dreams deliberately, to gain the edge in your waking personal and professional life without having to spend crazy amounts of money to be guided by dream experts in the field! Overcome challenges, promote healing, and explore the depths of YOUR reality. 

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