Staying lucid for longer & controlling the dream better!

Incubation & planning

Just like a pilot has a flight plan, it is important to define your goals for becoming lucid. It is so frustrating to finally become lucid and you get too excited that you either wake yourself up, or have no idea what you want to do, or what you can do.  Why do you want to become lucid? Do you want to manifest something amazing into your life and have more realistic visualizations and experiences with it? Do you want to talk to spirit guides or loved ones who have passed? Maybe you just want to have fun and skip the mental work. Whatever it is, have a game plan and know how to stabilize the dream.

              A night routine & a morning routing are ideal for setting an intention before bed. Your subconscious mind listens to you, especially right before bed. Have you ever realized you retain information better when you can sleep on it, such as studying before bed for a test? If you are just starting out, you can set the intention to remember your dreams, or have a lucid dream. Your emotional state and how calm you are whilst falling asleep plays a huge role in the content of your dreams, and also in your awareness levels of lucidity. Practice meditations before bed, and anything to get your mind clear and fully aware of your surroundings. Try a visualization evening meditation Practice feeling lucid to set the stage for a lucid dream. Imagine yourself in your lucid dream, how do you feel, what do you want to do? Imagine yourself and prepare to stay calm and not get too excited. That way you will be mentally prepared to stabilize your dream space. How to get lucid & stay lucid: stabilizing the dream

Trying out techniques, there are so many options to explore for your trial and error. Find out which ones work, which ones don’t. This is why dreamwork is a life long personal practice.

Why cant I get Lucid? I keep trying with no results. Why cant I summon or carry out my commands while lucid?

Your dreams are your internal therapist. They will bring up anything you need to address I life or business you need to complete. When it comes to lucid dreaming tasks and missions, Emotional regulation matters, and Your mindset matters, when trying to summon or create something in a dream, any doubt or belief that you will fail can manifest. Try not to get frustrated and have fun with it. Eliminate the word “problem”. Words have power and if you believe you cannot have a lucid dream that will affect the experience you have. IF you tell yourself “I can’t get lucid, I suck at this, I can never fly in a dream” That is what you will see. If you have not gotten lucid in a while, remember that even droughts have something to teach us & it is all a part of your journey. Even the most experience lucid dreamers have periods of inactivity. Spend some time working on your non lucid dreams and remember that those matter too! Lucid Dreams and non lucid dreams work in perfect harmony with eachother like ying & yang.  Do not give up on your dream work and you will soon get lucid again! Do not overthink, compare yourself to others or stress yourself out. Let go of fear, and have fun with your dreamwork practice, embracing anything it has to show you. Remember, it is easy and simple and it is your dream world! Lucid dreaming is encoded in all of us naturally, and that should be what you tell yourself. Your subconscious is always listening. 

 When it comes to trying to become lucid, be patient & be careful not to beat yourself up for missing obvious signs, or not acting this way or that way in the dream—that’s key. It’s not about blame, but about noticing our patterns, and knowing there will be another opportunity to make a different choice the next time we lay down to sleep. Dreamwork is a consistent game played over time, with results coming from consistency and trial and error. It is more like a career mode or story mode VR game, rather than a one time attempt pass/fail. Mind body connection  allows the mental problems to manifest themselves as physical symptoms. The mind is in our body and directly tied to every conscious and unconscious move we make.